July 2018 #24in48 Readathon

I just decided to take part in the #24in48 Readathon on the 21./22. of July – this weekend! Thanks to Zwiebelbaguette, whose tweet brought this event to my attention.

Depending on how far I’ve gotten with my reading by Friday night, I’ll be reading Gail Carriger’s „Imprudence“ & „Competence“, Seanan McGuire’s „Sparrow Hill Road“ & „The Girl in the Green Silk Gown“ and Becky Chambers‘ „The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet“ & „A Closed and Common Orbit“ during the Readathon. Since I’ll probably have finished the Carriger novels by then, my ‚goal‘ for the weekend is to read the two books by Seanan McGuire and maybe even get started on my Chambers reread (because book three of the Wayfarers will be released on Tuesday and I really want to have reread the other two by then).

I’ll be updating my reading status throughout the weekend here in this post and on my Twitter. Also, I decided I’ll be following the original Eastern Time, even though I’m technically 6 hours ahead – so I’ll be reading from Saturday, 06:00 a.m. until Monday, 06:00 a.m. local time (CEST). Happy reading!

#24in48 Updates

Update #1: Saturday, 00:00 (ET) | 06:00 (CEST)

Time spent reading: 00:00
CR: „Competence“ by Gail Carriger

Pages read: 0
Books finished: 0

Good morning, book people! Or, to those in the official timezone, good evening! I’m in Europe, Germany to be exact, and it’s 6 a.m. here right now. Luckily I’m kind of an early riser, so I can start reading right on time!

As I did not manage to finish reading „Competence“ – it took three tries for the book to be delivered so I couldn’t get started until yesterday evening – that’s the book I’ll be starting this readathon with! Gail Carriger’s „Competence“, breakfast and LOTS AND LOTS OF ICED COFFEE! (We got this annoying heat wave thing going on here, so iced everything it is)

I read the first 92 pages in an not so amazing time of 1:44:29 yesterday, so let’s see how many of the 24 hours I’ll spend on the remaining 258 pages! Oh, and I’ll be using Bookly to track my reading – such an awesome app, how did I not know about its existence before?

Have fun reading!

Update #2: Saturday, 03:20 (ET) | 09:20 (CEST)

Time spent reading: 02:49
CR: – – –

Pages read: 242
Books finished: 1

First book done! I finished „Competence“ way faster than I thought I would but unfortunately it didn’t turn out to be as good as I had hoped so I kind of started skimming passages after a while …

Anyway, it’s read now and I’ll be taking a break from reading and do some yoga, get dressed and have a second breakfast and then I’ll be back to start reading „Sparrow Hill Road“!

Update #3: Saturday, 04:15 (ET) | 10:15 (CEST)

Time spent reading: 02:49
CR: „Sparrow Hill Road“ by Seanan McGuire

Pages read: 242
Books finished: 1

Time to continue reading! I’m all refreshed now and really, really hungry (unfortunately a sweet breakfast will do that to me but fortunately eating several smaller meals throughout the day also means I don’t end up emptying a whole bag of chips or something else equally unhealthy late at night).

Anyway, that means it’s second breakfast + second book time! I’ll be continuing the readathon with Seanan McGuire’s „Sparrow Hill Road“ which was recommended to me by Konstanze who blogs over on Alles außer Lyrik. I’m really looking forward to it – I enjoyed the Wayward Children novellas so much and also really liked the October Daye novels I read ages ago. Let’s hope „Sparrow Hill Road“ can fulfil my expectations or at least turns out better than „Competence“ ?

Update #4: Saturday, 05:00 (ET) | 11:00 (CEST)

Time spent reading: 03:21
CR: „Sparrow Hill Road“ by Seanan McGuire

Pages read: 282
Books finished: 1

Short intermission! (or not so short, depending on my rate of success)

I’ve got to go out and catch myself a Zapdos! Gotta catch ‚em all, guys! ?

Update #5: Saturday, 07:30 (ET) | 13:30 (CEST)

Time spent reading: 03:21
CR: „Sparrow Hill Road“ by Seanan McGuire

Pages read: 282
Books finished: 1

And I’m back! Okay, that was more than a short intermission but now I have half a dozen electric Pokémon birdies and a nice lunch snack and, most importantly, because it’s just too warm here, lots and lots of fresh iced tea!

So back to my cr – hopefully I’ll have at least an hour or so of uninterrupted reading time …

Update #6: Saturday, 10:15 (ET) | 16:15 (CEST)

Time spent reading: 04:49
CR: „Sparrow Hill Road“ by Seanan McGuire

Pages read: 374
Books finished: 1

I need a break. I just read about 90 pages of „Sparrow Hill Road“ in about as many minutes and tbh I’m not quite sure if this book was a good choice for a readathon. It’s so strange, so very fragmented – non-linear – and yet so good. But it’s kind of exhausting to read so I’ll be taking a break now, spend some time killing, uhm, playing Sims and then, once the temperatures outside (and inside because this house is heating up fast) have dropped a bit – because this humid warmth doesn’t really help me stay focused – I’ll try and read the second half of the book.

Update #7: Saturday, 12:30 (ET) | 18:30 (CEST)

Time spent reading: 04:49
CR: „Sparrow Hill Road“ by Seanan McGuire

Pages read: 374
Books finished: 1

It’s too hot! My laptop just died so I guess I have to go back to my book ? But I played some Sims (and didn’t kill anybody, not even accidentally, yay!) and am at least somewhat motivated to get back to reading. I really would like to finish „Sparrow Hill Road“ today!

Also, I really wish I had a pool like my Sims …

Update #8: Saturday, 14:30 (ET) | 20:30 (CEST)

Time spent reading: 05:58
CR: „Sparrow Hill Road“ by Seanan McGuire

Pages read: 414
Books finished: 1

Had to interrupt my reading when I remembered that I had promised to water the plants on my gran and aunt’s terraces ? But now the plants are saved from death by dehydration and I had dinner – cooked by my sometimes surprisingly useful baby brother. So now I’ll finally get started on those last 100-something pages! I really, really want to finish „Sparrow Hill Road“ today …

Update #9: Saturday, 17:30 (ET) | 23:30 (CEST)

Time spent reading: 07:35
CR: – – –

Pages read: 560
Books finished: 2

I’m done with „Sparrow Hill Road“! Yay! Not that the book was bad – I actually really liked it – but combined with the brain melting weather it got kind of exhausting. Anyway, now I’m through and I’m pretty sure my next read won’t be „The Girl in the Green Silk Gown“. Not sure what I’m going to read next but I’m also not sure whether or not I’m going to start another book today … Maybe I’ll read a few pages more once I’m in bed.

Good night!

Update #10: Sunday, 01:30 (ET) | 07:30 (CEST)

Time spent reading: 11:10
CR: – – –

Pages read: 1172
Books finished: 7

Good morning! I’m sooo tired! I ended up reading some more after I went to bed last night and read all five „Rivers of London“ comic books and by the time I was done, it was really late. Or early. And now I’m awake again! Only a few hours later! Yay – not.

Update #11: Sunday, 04:30 (ET) | 10:30 (CEST)

Time spent reading: 13:17
CR: „Ship It“ by Britta Lundin

Pages read: 1456
Books finished: 7

I just spent two straight hours reading „Ship It“ by Britta Lundin which is just so, sooo bad … But I guess now I can just go ahead and read the last couple pages. Yay. Maybe breakfast makes it better?

Update #12: Sunday, 06:00 (ET) | 12:00 (CEST)

Time spent reading: 13:54
CR: – – –

Pages read: 1556
Books finished: 8

Done! Yes! Jeesh, that was awful. I really, really can’t recommend „Ship It“ – it’s a dumpster fire. But now I’m done and I can read something else, yay! Not really sure what to read next though and pretty sure I’m not going to make the 10 hours of reading time I’m still missing. So I’ll take a break now – need to do some cleaning and maybe baking anyway – and then see if I can find something else to read.

Update #13: Sunday, 15:30 (ET) | 21:30 (CEST)

Time spent reading: 21:49
CR: „The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet“ by Becky Chambers

Pages read: 2288
Books finished: 10

Ups ? I forgot to update my #24in48 status. But my laptop died again and I went down to read in the garden and wi-fi doesn’t reach down there. I did keep track of my reading though and I read a lot! Not only did I read the comic book „Nuclear Winter“ by CAB, I also read „The Girl in the Green Silk Gown“ more or less in one sitting (and it was so captivating that I couldn’t put it down to update my status when I came back upstairs) and started my reread of „The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet“.

All that made for an additional reading time of 7 hours and 55 minutes and brings my total up to 21 hours and 49 minutes. Only 2 hours and 11 minutes missing! I might make it after all! Only I need to get up early tomorrow morning because I have to be at university by 9, which means an almost two hour train ride because I was too lazy to take the train home today … 

But as it’s still kina early and too warm to sleep anyway, I’ll just keep reading „The Long Way“ at least for a little while so who knows, maybe I will actually make it … I’ll check in tomorrow morning (midnight for you ET folks) with my final time. Until then: Have fun reading!

Update #14: Monday, 00:00 (ET) | 00:00 (CEST)

Time spent reading: 24:26
CR: – – –

Pages read: 2568
Books finished: 11

I made it! I shouldn’t have because now I’m dead tired but I finished reading „The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet“ last night and that means: I got the 24 hours of reading time! Yes!

Participating in #24in48 really was a great fun and definitely something I’ll repeat. Looking forward to next time!


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  1. Hui, da hast du mal einfach so innerhalb von zwei Tagen so viel gelesen wie ich momentan innerhalb von einem Monat. Ich hätte auch gern teilgenommen, aber ich schreibe nächste Woche noch Klausuren und brauche nicht noch mehr Ausreden um nicht zu lernen. Auf die 24 Stunden wäre ich eh nicht gekommen, sondern vielleicht eher so 6, aber darum geht es ja nicht 😀 Wobei ich in deinem Fall jetzt doch entschlossen wäre, es noch zu schaffen. Ich bin gespannt!

    1. Ich hab’s sogar geschafft! Yay! XD
      Aber so schnell werde ich das definitiv nicht noch mal tun, 24 Stunden sind schon echt viel – und hätte ich keine Ferien (und Klausuren schreibe ich zum Glück keine mehr), wäre es auch relativ unmöglich gewesen. Ich glaube aber auch, dass es im Winter besser geht als im Sommer, also werde ich, wenn ich dran denke, im Januar evtl wieder mitmachen. Aber dann wirklich nur nach dem Motto „Mitmachen ist alles“, wird sonst zu stressig!

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