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I’m Rike (they/she), in my early 30s with a M.A. in English and German and roughly 13 years of blogging experience. I launched RikeRandom in January 2018 after closing down my previous book blog, Anima Libri, where I published content from 2010-2017.

RikeRandom is a book and media blog focused on reviewing queer content, content made by women and sf/f content – often combinations of all three. Aside from regular book reviews the blog features comic book reviews, author interviews and reviews of other media, such as movies and tv-shows or games.

While mostly written in my native language German, an increasing amount of reviews are in English and most of the reviewed content is English as well – although I love highlighting the rare instances where diverse content manages to make its way onto the German book market.


You can find me online on Twitter, Instagram and Goodreads or reach me by mail at