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Here it is, my round-up of stuff I’ve read in 2021 and a preview on the things I am planning to read in 2022!

What I did read in 2021

Okay, first of all: I read a whole lot of trash. Like, seriously bad historical romances and contemporary Christmas stuff and it was both intensely relaxing and really horrid (the clichés! the stereotypes! all the isms!) and I won’t be going into anymore detail on it than this. I also didn’t actually track any of it (apart from a handful of actually okay historical romances I added on Goodreads), so it’s just not part of my statistics. But I read a lot of it, because it’s easy to read and so predictably bad that it’s just inherently relaxing which, apparently, was just what I needed last year 🤷‍♀️

I also read non-trashy things. Quite a few actually, but mostly during short bursts of motivation. I read the entire October Daye series by Seanan McGuire in about two weeks and did the same with Kim Harrisons Rachel Morgan novels (October Daye is waaaaay better btw).

Technically, I also wrote a bunch of reviews, but I didn’t actually finish a single one of them, so yeah … I might just finish them now and backdate them, so my blog doesn’t look quite as empty – same for all the other posts I’ve started but never published over the last year 😅

But back to the books: According to my, completely unreliable, Goodreads statistic, I read 136 books last year and there were quite a few highlights:

What’s planned for 2022

There were quite a few books that I had planned to read in 2021 but then couldn’t find the motivation to actually start. Some of them made it onto my reading list for 2022:

Apart from those, my wishlist for 2022 can be divided into two parts, the one with sequels to novels/series I’ve already read and loved and the one with debuts, stand-alone novels and starts of new series. Here are some of the sequels I’m looking forward to (the ones that already have covers):

And here are some of the other novels on my list for 2022, that I’m really looking forward to:

What were your favourite books of 2021? And which ones are you looking forward to in 2022?

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