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Sooo … apparently it’s 2022 now? I’m not sure where the last two years went, it feels like nothing and everything happened all at once and so far this year promises (threatens?) to just be more of the same. But one thing that somehow became an important part of 2021 for me, were movies.

I loved going to the cinema as a kid, then I stopped going because it was way too expensive and I started preferring to watch originals rather than German synchros. I had only recently started going to the movies again when the pandemic hit and everything closed down and by the time they opened up again in July I was just sick of spending all my time at home and somehow trips to meet my brother or my best friend to go watch a movie became the one thing we did that felt kinda normal (and still safe-ish thanks to masks, tests and rules about distancing and then also vaccinations).

What I watched in 2021

Somehow, that turned into 13 movies I watched in cinemas last year – most with my brother, some with my best friend and a few with her and her brother or with all four of us together. Two of them I watched twice because of scheduling conflicts.

So many trips to the cinema, so many movies! And somehow all of them turned out to at least be okay, some were good and a few were really amazing. Almost half of the movies we saw were based on comic books and while I had my problems with some of them (Eternals was not a great movie – how did this turn out so bad? Oh, I know! They focused on the most boring people in the story … Which, hilariously enough, also meant they centred a pretty diverse movie around the macho antics of a straight white guy, smart move!), and some just felt somewhat inconsequential (Black Widow was okay, I guess, but I didn’t care much about it, and same for Venom), two of them actually made it into my top three: Spider-Man: No Way Home was amazing and my second most favourite Spider-Man movie ever, but I liked The Suicide Squad even more, it was just amazing all around.

My third top three movie was Dune, even though it somewhat felt like a 2,5 hour trailer for the second part – it was still awesome and I’m looking forward to the sequel. Everything else was a mix of different genres, different ratings but all of the other six movies we saw in cinemas last year were fun and I enjoyed watching them a lot.

What’s planned for 2022

Obviously, once we realized how much fun this was, we decided to make a list of upcoming movies for 2022. A lot of them are still big maybes, both because chances are some of them will be postponed thanks to the pandemic and because some might just be too trashy to spent the time and money to watch them in cinemas instead of waiting for them to turn up on any of the half dozen streaming services we have. But there a few we definitely want to see:

And we already have tickets for the first two movies, Matrix and The King’s Man. While Matrix Resurrections was technically released last year, we didn’t have the time and energy to watch it between the years, so today it is! I am very torn on this one, because I have heard everything, from absolutely raving reviews to ones that completely trash the movie. So, I guess tonight’s gonna be interesting?

Apart from that we obviously have every Marvel movie on our list, not just the MCU ones. That means the weird Marvel/Sony vampire movie Morbius in late January, which we will go and see as a late birthday thing for me. I am super curious to see what Sony is going to do with their Marvel properties now. Then there are the three MCU movies, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness in early May, Thor: Love and Thunder in early July and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever in November. I am looking forward to all three of those, although I have to admit, I’m especially hyped about the Doctor Strange movie – multiverse for the win! And then, of course, there’s Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (Part One) in early October, which I might be looking forward to even more than Doctor Strange … The first Spider-Verse movie was pretty much the best Spider-Man movie ever, after all.

The other movies on our list are a colourful mix of more comic book stuff like The Batman and other DC movies, a bunch of action stuff such as The 355 and Uncharted, some kids‘ movies/nostalgia stuff like Turning Red and Lightyear, and whatever else looks good and promising, for example Licorice Pizza. Now, the most suspenseful thing about this whole „let’s watch even more movies in cinema in 2022 than we watched in 2021“ obviously is the big question: will the cinemas stay open? And its cousin: will these movies actually be released or postponed? Sooo … yeah, let’s just wait and see. I am definitely looking forward to more trips to the cinema this year and to seeing a bunch hopefully great movies 🎞📽

What was your favourite movie of 2021? Did you watch anything in cinema? And what movies are you looking forward to watching in 2022?

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I was part of some of the movie trips and I enjoyed the normality they provided as well. My favorite movie in 2021 was definitely Spider-Man No Way Home. It was amazing (pun not intended :D)! And I am looking forward to seeing more fun movies with you, be it a Marvel movie that is expected to be somewhat great, or any other movie. I also really enjoyed Gunpowder Milkshake by the way… So all in all: Happy new year and cheers to watching more stuff together!

😂 That trip to see Gunpowder Milkshake sure was something else – if we go see The 355 (which my brother claims looks too trashy, and yet he added Mission Impossible to our list?!), I’d prefer the cinema in Essen though – it’s cheaper and has seats I don’t get stuck in. The ridiculous amount of stairs is pretty much the same though 🤔

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