Cozy, comforting but not without some troubles: Travis Baldree’s Legends & Lattes

Legends & Lattes von Travis Baldree | ❤❤❤❤❤
erschienen bei Cryptid Press | Februar 2022
316 Seiten | Taschenbuch | ISBN: 9798985663211
Goodreads | Thalia | Amazon (Werbung)

Content notes for Travis Baldree’s Legends & Lattes: racism, violence & arson

  • The orc mc and most of her found family are outcasts and members of races that aren’t well regarded by the majority population
  • The book starts with a short and somewhat gruesome description of the mc’s last job as a barbarian and there is a bit of violence throughout

Representation: sapphic relationship

Have you ever played Dungeons & Dragons? And actually finished a campaign in a way that left your character free to settle down and take up a normal life, fulfil all their domestic dreams, etc.? That’s basically what Legends & Lattes is like.

Viv is an orc barbarian and after decades of being a sword for hire, traveling the lands with her group of fellow adventurers she has decided to retire. She has planned and prepped for this for a while and now it’s finally time to settle down and open a coffeeshop! Which is an interesting choice, considering that basically noone but gnomes even know what coffee is and she has no business experience.

What follows is a fantastical journey through the ups and downs of starting a business, with some added magic oomph, a sweet and understated romance and a whole lot of found family. The entire thing was intensly relaxing and so cozy despite the troubles that Viv and her old and new friends have to face. A perfect read for these stressful times and if you are into these kinds of novels, I can wholeheartedly recommend Travis Baldree’s Legends & Lattes.

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